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Credit Repair Services

Over the years we have delivered unlimited disputes per round to the credit reporting agencies and creditors.


We’ve helped many correct their credit files, delete negative accounts, and increasing their FICO scores.
Our expertise in dispute services has allowed us to bring better results to each and every single one of our clients.

  • FREE initial consultation where we discuss your credit concerns and explain your options.

  • Review the credit reports from each of the 3 major credit bureaus.

  • Provide a customized Credit Report Analysis and educate you on how credit works.

  • Implement a dispute action plan for you strategically created to produce fast results.

  • Allow you access to a customized online account so you have 24/7 access to track the progress of your credit repair.

  • Create customized dispute letters to credit bureaus and creditors as well as print and mail each one.

  • Manage each round of disputes every 30-45 days.

  • Implement Advanced Dispute Tactics when necessary which hold the credit bureaus and creditors accountable to federal laws and regulations.

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